Solo 18 - Karel Doing

Doing, Karel (2018) Solo 18 - Karel Doing. [Show/Exhibition]


Karel Doing (Australia, 1965) is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker. He studied at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. He has selected a number of works from his extensive analogue oeuvre to show at his Club Solo exhibition. Doing looks for ways to dispel the contradictions between nature and culture. His aim is to establish a new synthesis between both worlds. In his experimental films, installations, and documentaries, he addresses ecological questions, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and “alternative” knowledge in the broad sense. He doubts the existence of an objective truth, instead taking an interest in the limits of human perception and knowledge. “I am not a scientist. I try to look at the world from an unusual point of view. I’m curious about the possibilities of an alternative kind of knowledge.” Possibilities that are rarely even given a chance in our rapidly changing society, where performance takes centre stage. Karel Doing was born in Australia and grew up in a family with range of interests including Buddhism, pacifism, ecology and art. He began painting and playing music at an early age. A few years ago, he moved his Dutch practice to London. Doing will be showing experimental films from the past twenty-five years at Club Solo, but with an emphasis on more recent work. Visit or read Doing’s blog where the artist gives insight in his self-developed technique: Van Abbemuseum has chosen to show Der Sonnenaufgang en Der Sonnenuntergang (1968) by Dieter Roth in response to Karel Doing’s Solo exhibition. In this work, two sunrises and sunsets can be seen as the result of chemical processes and food. Roth’s way of working and using natural processes can be likened to Karel Doing’s energetic approach to carrying out and setting up his research.

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