Technologies of engagement: how hybrid networked media is not (just) remediation

Morris, James (2017) Technologies of engagement: how hybrid networked media is not (just) remediation. Journal of Media Practice, 18 (1). pp. 41-50. ISSN 1468-2753 (Print)


This paper discusses how networked media via the Web is providing the realisation of media hybridisation that began when genres and formats became functions of software. Beginning with an overview of how media formats came together during the twentieth century, the paper argues that the Internet now provides a distribution system that allows for the hyper-hybridisation of media formats alongside more fluid two-way participation than the previous broadcasting and mass distribution models. The paper will look at examples from the author’s own recent work – ongoing video streaming activities with the Royal Shakespeare Company, a ‘virtual gamelan’ for the London Symphony Orchestra, and the Temporal Chaos installation. The paper concludes that our traditional media forms are in a phase of ongoing disruption, which transcend merely updating existing media forms for a digital online era.

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