Developing a narrative experience in a post-media environment

Feinstein, Kenneth and Morris, James (2017) Developing a narrative experience in a post-media environment. In: 22nd International Conference on Virtual System & Multimedia (VSMM), 2016, 17-21 Oct 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


This paper looks at the conceptual and technical development of a museum display, Temporal Chaos. It lays out the conceptual framework within which this project was developed. What is our understanding of our relationship to media and how does that effect how we think through it? We will look at the theoretical underpinnings of the work and see how they determined the actual object. We will investigate how we interact with media and how innovation finds its way forward, how media theory approaches these issues, and how this is reflected in practice. To understand how we experience digital technology in general and this work, specifically, we have to ask how we will look at the relationship between technology and the user as both an ethical act and a usability issue. We will look at how the narrative has developed through its relationship with the technology.

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